Thursday, 1 December 2011

Where the Jobs Are (and Aren't) in Finance

Jeanne Branthover, DHR International partner, goes over financial tasks with Bloomberg's David Gura and Lisa Abramowicz on "Bloomberg Markets.".


This has long been a problem. It`s time for the Legislature to repair this problem in an otherwise beneficial use of public money. And it needs to fund the secretary of state so that office isn`t dipping into money set aside for another purpose.


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Exactly what's it prefers to retire at 33?

"Every day is like a Sunday where I do not have chores, and I have all this free time and can do exactly what I desire.".

That's the synopsis from Justin McCurry, a Raleigh, N.C. citizen who switched life as an engineer for early retirement two years earlier. Far from surviving on rice and beans, McCurry consumes "5-star meals" made from scratch at home, trips with his family and spends time outdoors hiking and swimming. So exactly what's the secret to dropping the rat race before even striking the huge 4-0?


"We weren't extraordinarily rich or fortunate in terms of income or jobs," said McCurry, who writes about his experience on his personal finance blog


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Editorial: Why finance non-elections?

Thankfully, the state Board of Finance had the ability to scrape up $314,739 to fill out a shortage of revenue that is provided to candidates who agree to use public financing to run for office.


An easy, wise modification in the law would make the money in the Public Election Fund go farther. Money for public financing of elections is kept in the general public Election Fund, whose sources consist of proceeds from unclaimed property, remaining money from previous elections, various fees on energies and the $5 donations prospects gather to be qualified for public funding ultimate merchant providers.

Money in a state fund seems to tempt legislators like sweet in a bowl believe Tobacco Settlement Permanent Fund or Land Grant Permanent Fund and the Legislature has been known to dip into the Public Election Fund for other functions.